MasterG is a Design & Skill Development Organization

We follow a market driven approach to train women living in marginalised communities. Our training modules are designed to help women learn not only the art of creating garments but more so, the art of questioning traditional design and silhouettes to create something new. Students learn design, pattern making and sewing over the course of a rigorous one year course. Thereby, making them comfortable with the idea of questioning patterns in their lives that are holding them back. Once they overcome their personal and social barriers, earning a livelihood using the acquired skills becomes possible because these factors are not hindering their progress any longer. Many a time, the barrier to a dignified livelihood is the mindset of their families and society towards it rather than the lack of a skill itself. Therefore, unlearning existing conditioning is key to succeeding in this program and after.


Heimat is our first private label. It is a line of contemporary and high quality womenswear in comfortable fabrics made for the multifaceted woman. Designed and manufactured by MasterG makers. 

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