Breaking Patterns, Our Emancipatory Pedagogy

At MasterG, we democratise the art of pattern making to give women the tools for imagination that help them in redesigning their lives. By repeating our signature processes several times over the course, students practice critical thinking and problem solving as a method to approach garment making and their life decisions. Each student undergoes a journey of questioning the patterns of disparity and social conditioning that hold them back from realising their true potential and learn to lay claims on their life.

Each student who experiences breaking patterns, our Emancipatory Pedagogy enables themselves with the power to question existing patterns of learning and living.

Through our training, students learn different methods of approaching the same subject matter and challenge existing methods. This allows them to make variations of the said garment. Each student undergoes a journey of questioning the patterns of disparity and social conditioning that hold them back from realizing their true potential and lay claims on their life. When each student follows the industrial standard patterns as they learn the steps of design and construction, they are indoctrinated into the best practices and make re-imagining historical patterns a habit.




Our Pedagogy consists of training in design which involves unlearning basic silhouettes and introducing exceptional innovation into the existing patterns to bring remarkable end products. The pedagogy encompasses Organised Formal Learning, Interpreting Tech Packs and training into market research idyllic to international industry standards. Women become proficient in specialised skills and Production Management.

The curriculum designers comprise graduates from international and Indian top fashion and liberal arts universities. The Makers and alumnus of our training and traditionally trained Masterjis have to offer decades of experience in the industry.

Each concept is screened by MasterG Makers/Alum of our program for checking to avoid any bottlenecks. The content is reviewed and updated on a regular basis, with new additions in each graduating batch as per changing industry trends. We try to achieve epitomes of international standards manufacturing and pattern making skills.

The study material prepared by the team is an assemblage of their knowledge and expertise which helps ensure maximum impact.

Hybrid Learning

The curriculum comprises management teaching to make women competent to take care of their mental and emotional well-being. It ensures the competencies of professional relationship building and negotiations. It teaches them the qualities of self-confidence, leadership value and professional & ethical conduct.

  • Making Variations
    – Students become equipped to make multiple variations and the latest designs as per market demands.
  • Practice critical thinking
    – Students grow to become stakeholders in building resilience in their communities by practising problem-solving and critical thinking skills learnt from our training.
  • Systemic change ushering gender equality
    – Democratised learning ensures the disruption of generational gender disparities that facilitate systemic changes in the industry.
    – Normalise the vision of women pattern makers and their role as torchbearers of change in their communities.
    – Gender equity and minimising discrimination and exploitation in the industry.
  • Skilled, Informed and Aware workforce
    – Erect a force of informed, skilled individuals in the garment industry who are critical and conscious of breaking patterns of disparity and lead systemic changes in the industry.
    – Standardised and efficiently trained trainers.


GScore is MasterG’s scoring mechanism that helps assess the performance of students.

What does GScore comprise of:

  • Measuring academic performance and skills proficiency
  • Socio emotional aspects
  • Peer learning
  • Class participation and engagement
  • Leadership qualities

The student’s performance is measured against the MasterG standard quality and time, which helps us imagine their potential to grow in the garment making ecosystem.


Becoming AWESOM with MasterG

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MasterG designs, trains and certifies our partner organisations in running All Women Ecosystems with Sustainable Operations and Management (AWESOM). At AWESOMs, we prepare students in industry protocols, processing global and large quantity orders and claiming a dignified space in the industry.

To become AWESOM, students who have been qualified by GScore in our training in technical design, pattern making, stitching, cutting, sampling, merchandising and packaging begin by processing micro and small scale local orders in making accessories and garments.

We train them in our proprietary techniques to enable them on their journey to becoming self-sufficient.


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