At MasterG, we democratise the art of pattern making to give women the tools for imagination that help in redesigning their life. By repeating our signature processes several times over the course, students practice critical thinking and problem solving as a method to approach garment making and their life decisions. Each student undergoes a journey of questioning the patterns of disparity and social conditioning that hold them back from realising their true potential and learn to lay claims on their life.


Our Emancipatory Pedagogy

Pedagogy Image

Each student who experiences the  Our EmancipatoryPedagogy enables themselves with the power to question existing patterns of learning and living.

Through our training, students learn different methods of approaching the same subject matter and challenge existing methods.

This allows them to make variations of the said garment. 

When questioning and practicing problem-solving becomes a habit, students learn to rethink patterns of discrimination and disparity that hold them back in their lives.

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