MasterG and Twirl store

by Vanisha Pandia

June 10, 2021

Sustainability of social responsibility is the driving force behind MasterG’s every step ahead. Being a business with a resolve of absolute ethical forward movements, divergence from the objectionable norms and halting to analyze and evaluate the journey, we keenly seek the same in our collaborations.

MasterG forms allies with the enterprises with similarity of intention and common points of contentions. We seek growth, and opportunities to unlearn the social conditioning that shackles our stepladders. One such opportunity rattled our doors with a breeze of fresh ideas and steadfast action plan. It came in the form of a Twirl Store.

Marking on a stirring venture, MasterG is launching its newest training program in partnership with Twirl Store, and in association with Laudes Foundation and CAIF (Intellcap, Aavishkar Group).

With its fantastic circular model, Twirl store believes in upcycling its way towards a sustainable world and mandatory social change. It follows the system of Triple bottom line. It is a company that has come long past from measuring its development just in terms of the earned profit. In any capitalistic venture the bottom line is maximum profit in terms of financial gains. For Twirl Store, the impact of the business on social and environmental development joins the force. The sociological impact of the business through its conception and activities becomes if not more, equally important with its ecological influence.

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Twirl Store is a revolution aspiring to reduce the amount of wastage and make everyday living more sustainable. Counting in the top rung among the very few ‘clean’ Indian platforms, they offer a distinct buy-back policy for clothing bought from their own store. You can send their products back once you lose its function or no longer utilise it. In return Twirl will reward you with points that can be converted to buy more upcycled products from their store. Thus, redeeming by reducing waste it ends up promoting the sustainable model even more. You can also sell your last season clothes and gain points to buy from the Twirl Store. Twirl’s Buy-Back policy contributes to the philosophy of sustainable fashion and deploying the clothing to upscale fabrics or provide the clothes to those in need.

The clothes sent to them will either be provided to those in need, through the donation drives organized by them. They upscale the use as fabrics, helping to empower needy women. The aim remains that each industry, especially the fashion and apparel to function in a way that aids the wherewithal of the society as well as the environment.

With each piece in their collection curated to be as unique as the individual who’s going to own it, they uphold the ethics of minimum wastage. All the products are made by upcycling, each is a limited edition handcrafted by women from varied walks of life.The brilliant craftsmanship of their products is the work of artisans who have the traditions of the folk defended and endorsed by the inheritors themselves.  

MasterG’s has joined hands with the store and embarked on its mission of training to upskill women at their unit through patternmaking and design skills. This is meant to aid them in making it’s zero waste policy and sustainable model even stronger. It can help make the operations more efficient to be able to compete in the international market. We came along in this inspiring journey of upcycling, sustainability and social change to normalize the ideological notion of the business. Magic happened when #ApneMarziKeMasterG meets #BetheChangeYouWantToSee

Twirl Store is the proud winner of Swayam Siddha by Eastern Chamber of Commerce, Devi Award from The New India Express and Women on a Mission award by Your Story media house.

They have been felicitated at the Tata Social Enterprise Challenge 2019 and recognised as one of the best solutions to transform India by IIM Calcutta and DST, Govt of India.

The ultimate aim foreseen by such programs is the 360 turnaround of the fashion and apparel industry from all the exploitative methods. The possible provision of spreading consciousness towards the social and ecological environment is immense. The execution of those as action plans are more. Mapping the impact shall encompass the whole of the global apparel industry, once the programs attain movement.

Being an ally of MasterG and Daughters, Twirl Store came along on this  journey with us to bring systemic change and a generational impact upon the exclusionary Khaandani Darzi System. By innovating and developing tools for women, we aim to build a resilient ecosystem for professional growth and community building. This is a step forward to questioning the patterns of disparity and social conditioning together. By providing the skill and opportunity to attain power of decision making and livelihood, women break out of patterns of inequality.

Joining hands towards making education and skill training democratic, makes us even stronger and irrepressible in our undertakings.

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