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CSR Consulting

Are you a CSR arm of a company or a Foundation looking to sponsor a skilling program for the apparel industry?

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MasterG operates by collaborating with CSR partners for establishing its centres pan India. We as knowledge partners bring in a unique curriculum and methodology of vocational and socio-emotional learning. We partner with CSRs to train and upskill women in the mastery of pattern making. 

We partner with a proven grassroots or pan India NGO to run the operations on ground. Set up an exploratory call by writing to us below.

training modules service

Training Modules for NGOs

Are you an NGO that is looking to improve the quality of your tailoring program or set up a new livelihoods driven skilling program?

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We lead a massive transformation by reaching silai centre with institutionalised professional techniques and industry standard knowledge through our pedagogy, in ways of garment training and socio- emotional emancipation. By opening new centres and transforming existing silai centres into sustainable enterprises, we aim to make women confident and equipped to start their own businesses and back family led manufacturing. Set up an exploratory call by writing to us below. 

pattern making service

Patternmaking and Sampling

Are you a designer who is looking to get patterns and samples made prior to getting your collection manufactured? 

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We offer our services in pattern making which can be taken for production with us or further with other manufacturing companies. We offer patternmaking and sampling for Men’s Wear, Women’s Wear, Kids Wear, Accessories and Homegoods. Reach out to us below with your questions.

online classes service

Online Classes

Are you passionate about learning pattern making, design, and sewing from home?

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We offer one-to-one and group online classes for students interested in learning, but face travel or other constraints. We train our students in modules in womenswear, menswear, accessories, home decor, knits and wovens. If you are looking for a customised module, let us know below or sign-up for our online course through this form.

tech pack service

Tech Pack Design

Are you a designer who is looking to get a tech pack made prior to getting your collection manufactured? 

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We offer our services in constructing tech packs for you, enabling your next step of manufacturing with us or a leading production process elsewhere. We offer tech packs for Men’s Wear, Women’s Wear, Kids Wear, Accessories and Homegoods. Reach out to us below with your questions.

production service

Production (AWESOM)

Are you a fashion brand looking to manufacture your collection ethically and through women MasterGs in India?

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At MasterG, we transform our training centres into an All-women Ecosystem for Sustainable Operations and Management, where we follow a process called Decentralised manufacturing.

Manufacturing orders at MasterG are sent to MasterG trained ecosystems, based on optimum GScore performance and are ideal for contract manufacturing based on the geographical proximity and preference of the Ally (That could be you – the fashion brand partnering with us and outsourcing manufacturing to our women MasterGs).

The whole manufacturing process from the designing stage to production to maintenance is tracked and analysed using MasterG’s Cloud Manufacturing Resource Management and Planning System for effectiveness. You can reach out to us with your queries below.


"What excites us is her aspiration for this business, which is unlocking the potential of these women who would otherwise not be free (economically or socially). This is a gender-focused workforce development play from which we can learn a lot. She is thus developing a model where she is tapping into funding that will allow companies and corporations to work around their area of operations that provides the dignity and income security to the women in the community around their operations."

Mahesh Yagnaraman (India Country Director, Acumen Fund)

“We thank MasterG India for being our partners in courage, in resilience, in gumption, in overthrowing societal patriarchy, in inspiration, in changing the impossible to not just possible, but transforming the impossible into a strong foundation upon which generational healing and value is built. We thank the team for making our clothes so beautifully. But most of all we thank MasterG India for being our rock, for being India’s rock, and for manufacturing power itself. We’re fortunate to be able to stand strong, together with them."

Shobhana Mukherjee  and Aditi Mukerjee (Founders of Not Same, Equal)

“Working with MasterG on my designs has always been a fantastic experience, they are hands down my favorite vendor. The stitching is high quality and the girls always bring such innovation and creativity into every piece they have made for Swiatlo. I so appreciate all the incredible work they have done and we look forward to producing more in the future!”

Liz Hartman (Founder of Swiatlo)

“When I first connected with Gayatri at MasterG, I was amazed by her eagerness and excitement to work with milo+nicki. With previously failed partnerships with teams in India, I was nervous if authenticity and integrity would prevail with MasterG, but it was clear from the first call. The authenticity, kindness, integrity, honesty, transparency, ethicality, and familial atmosphere of MasterG and each team member brought me back to loving what I do, and they are the only team I trust 110% with m+n production. The quality is above par, communication is clear and always concise, their excitement and eagerness is contagious, and their craftsmanship is beyond words. I believe they are a part of our team, but most importantly, they are m+n family.”

Nicki Patel (Founder of Milo + Nicki)

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